To supplement our compressor packages we are able to design bespoke items of equipment to fulfil specific needs.  Two examples shown are:

  • Hot filter unit.  This product is fitted to over 200 vehicles operating on the UK rail network.  It is designed specifically to remove oil and carbon from the compressed air from old engine-mounted reciprocating compressors, thus protecting downstream equipment from blockage and damage.  Uniquely, it is capable of withstanding working temperatures of 150°C, so can be fitted close to the compressor.  It is supplied with brackets which meet RSSB specified load cases and can be fitted without the need to drill holes in the vehicle underframe.
  • Aftercooler unit.  This product was designed to enable effective aftercooling of compressed air without the requirement for a fan or risk of fouling.  It incorporates a manual by-pass valve which enables the vehicle to be “winterised”.  This prevents over-cooling of the air with consequent risk of ice forming in downstream equipment.

KSL can design equipment to meet any specific problems you may have – not just compressed air. Click here to contact us. 

Class 142 DMU Hot Filter installation

Class 320 DEMU tubular after-cooler CAD image