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Quality Air Filtration

Filtration for compressed air systems

Our air filtration product is designed to be installed on trains to improve the quality of the air within the pneumatic system.

Bespoke Filtration and Drying Solutions to suit any application.

We design filter packs made specifically for the rail market:

  • Single robust housing incorporating:
    • Centrifugal water separator
    • 1 micron coalescing filter
    • 0.01 micron coalescing filter
  • Free Air Delivery from 100 l/min to 5000 l/mino    Mounting points designed to RSSB standards
  • Automatic condensate drains
  • Heaters to prevent condensate freezing.

We also manufacture:

  • Membrane dryers requiring no external controls
  • Desiccant Dryers for high performance in extreme ambient temperatures.


Ready-to-go Product Solutions

off-the-shelf products & spares: Pre-engineered to meet common requirements.

Discover excellence in every component. From power steering for precise control to advanced air dryer systems ensuring equipment longevity. Our hydapter converter solutions offer versatile compatibility, and our meticulously crafted filter packs guarantee optimal system filtration.

How We Work

Bespoke project solutions to suit your exacting requirements.

Our experienced engineering team excels in delivering bespoke manufacturing projects. Get a tailor-made solution from Keyte Smith.

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