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Angel Trains / Mott Macdonald / Northern Rail



The Problem:

Severe (Oil Carry Over) issues with the original engine driven piston compressor.

KSL Solution:

1. KSL undertook a feasibilty study, investigating numerous drive options for both Cummins and Perkins engines on Classes 14x,15x vehicles.

2. As a result of the feasibility study KSL was contracted to design a hydraulic drive compressor system for Class 158 which utilised equipment already in use for the cooling fan drive. Scope included design, structural analysis to RSSB standards, supply of all equipment and fitting of the trial units. Unit 158796 was fitted with the upgrade for a 1 year trial.


320 to 650 l/min @ 8 bar (2.5 to 6 kW dependent on engine speed)


The trial was successfully extended to 4 years without issues. Fleet fitment was postponed due to re-franchising. The system is currently being re-evaluated in conjunction with vehicle repowering of classes 158/165/166.

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