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Dryer Render

High quality compressed air for transport applications

Eliminate condensation and high maintenance costs with our air dryer solution

We’re specialists in manufacturing bespoke filtration and drying solutions for any application.

At Keyte Smith we manufacture desiccant compressed air dryers for automotive applications but which are rugged enough for the rail environment, making them a cost effective alternative to traditional dryers.

Features include:

  • Spin on cartridge technology to make servicing cheap and simple
  • Air flows up to 1000 l/min
  • Configurable purge flow and timer settings
  • Optional anti-surge valve
  • Heaters to prevent freezing
  • Fully automatic control.
  • Supply voltage from 12VDC to 110VDC, 24VAC to 240VAC.

For higher capacity transit applications we can also offer complete filtration and membrane dryer systems.

Ready-to-go Product Solutions

off-the-shelf products & spares: Pre-engineered to meet common requirements.

Discover excellence in every component. From power steering for precise control to advanced air dryer systems ensuring equipment longevity. Our hydapter converter solutions offer versatile compatibility, and our meticulously crafted filter packs guarantee optimal system filtration.

How We Work

Bespoke project solutions to suit your exacting requirements.

Our experienced engineering team excels in delivering bespoke manufacturing projects. Get a tailor-made solution from Keyte Smith.

Explore some examples of our successfully completed projects...