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Angel Trains / Mott Macdonald / Northern Rail



The Problem:

Class 158 vehicles fitted with Perkins engines have a pneumatic fuel shut off valve which requires a certain level of air pressure before it will hold open. If the vehicle is not charged with air then the engine has to crank over for a long time before sufficient air pressure is generated to open the fuel valve, causing damage to the starter and batteries.

KSL Solution:

Working with Mott Macdonald we turned their concept design into a working prototype. This included the detailed design of mechanical and electrical components, supply and manufacture of parts and installation of the prototype systems at two depots. The kit comprises a new relay enclosure with timers, harnesses, the solenoid assembly itself including brackets/spring/levers and sundry items such as fuses required to complete the modification.


After successful trials Northern Rail have taken delivery of conversion kits for their entire fleet of Perkins engined vehicles.
Working with Angel/Mott Macdonald KSL have also provided a variant of the kit for Class 165/166 and there is a trial vehicle fitted on GWR.

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