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Converting electric to high-torque hydraulic power

Unleash the benefits of hydraulics

Hydapter is a KSL brand of hydraulic drive adapters.  Hydapter is used to convert any item of equipment which is normally driven by an electric motor (e.g. an air compressor or pump) to hydraulic drive.

  • The standard range converts spline drive SAE A/B/C/D hydraulic motor interfaces to IE motor flanges / shafts.
  • The range is modular which enables virtually any combination of motor / drive to be created.
  • The design incorporates a substantial bearing assembly which means radial shaft loads and imbalance can be tolerated, and belt/chain drives can be taken from gear motors.
  • Hydapter flanges incorporate tapped mounting holes for supporting both motor and driven machinery.
  • Spline drive enables hydraulic motors to be easily fitted – “Plug and Play” – without having to worry about shaft alignment.
  • Non-standard shaft/flanges and metric hydraulic motor interfaces can be made on request.

Ready-to-go Product Solutions

off-the-shelf products & spares: Pre-engineered to meet common requirements.

Discover excellence in every component. From power steering for precise control to advanced air dryer systems ensuring equipment longevity. Our hydapter converter solutions offer versatile compatibility, and our meticulously crafted filter packs guarantee optimal system filtration.

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