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Northern Rail



The Problem:

Class 14x DMUs operated by Northern Rail had a severe Oil Carry Over (OCO) problem which was causing contamination of downstream components and blockages through carbon build up in the delivery pipes.

KSL Solution:

Northern Rail approached KSL with the remit of designing an oil separator capable of working at elevated temperatures so as to remove as much contamination as close to the compressor as possible. The final design combined a centrifugal separator with a filter element. To make the approvals process simpler KSL produced an innovative support bracket designed to attach to the vehicle solebar without the need to drill holes. The finished design was subject to vigorous testing and structural analysis (FEA) to ensure compliance with the RSSB standards.


Flow 30 cfm (850 l/min) max @ 7.6 bar.

Working Temperature: 175°C max


After successful trials the entire Northern fleet of 280 Class 14x vehicles were fitted with the separator. Prototype units have since been delivered for use on Class 150 and 156 DMUs.

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