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Exclusively for electric, hybrid and battery-powered commercial vehicles

Utilise our high-quality and cost-effective power steering pump

We offer a range of power steering pumps which feature a compact integrated design which minimises the total space envelope and the number external connections. The design incorporates filtration and a reservoir and, thanks to its unique construction, is exceptionally quiet. By combining pump displacement with operating speed virtually all steering pressure and flow requirements can be met.

Compressor and pumps are usually electrically powered and can be supplied with or without inverter drive. Variable speed inverter drives offer the ability to introduce smart operating regimes which keep energy consumption to an absolute minimum. Systems can be powered from:

230V to 480V AC
24V to 800V DC
A range of options are available including:

  • Support frames and anti-vibration mountings
  • Remote or integrate inlet air filtration
  • Safety protection including temperature sensors, oil level switches, pressure sensors
  • Combined compressor and steering pump packages.

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Discover excellence in every component. From power steering for precise control to advanced air dryer systems ensuring equipment longevity. Our hydapter converter solutions offer versatile compatibility, and our meticulously crafted filter packs guarantee optimal system filtration.

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